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How safe is your organization?   

Have your employees and supervisors been adequately trained to prevent child abuse – and can you prove it?

CAPTA 4 Org provides comprehensive employee training and organization strategic planning to help reduce liability and increase safety.  Our area of specialty is in the area of child abuse prevention but our innovative design can be used for a variety of other teens jumping on beachtraining purposes.

Research indicates that people are more likely to do business with socially responsible organizations – and are less likely to work with those that they see as corrupt or irresponsible.  Being kid-safe is good for children, good for the community, and good for you.


CONGRATULATIONS on making a wise choice to protect kids – and yourself!


We provide comprehensive programs, services, & educational opportunities to businesses of all sizes committed to social responsibility and child well-being.   We

Provide Online Training in pre-packaged or unique modules on a variety of safety issues and teach you how to handle potentially abusive, litigious or challenging situations.

Provide Certifications to Employees that document success in learning about different types of child abuse prevention or training issues.

Provide Employers with documentation about employee training content and completion.

Provide Face-To-Face, Skype or E-Trainings to Supervisors and Employees in presentations that are designed to meet each organization’s unique needs

Provide Child Safety Officer (CSO) Training Assistance for organizations.

Assist Organizations in the creation of Child Abuse Prevention Strategic Planning that makes transparent your Policies and Procedures that reflects the steps you have taken to ensure child and worker safety.

Provide state-of-the-art resources as part of our services so that organizations can get regular updated information and expert advice.

Identify quality professionals to help you provide comprehensive background checks, child – organization legal advice, and other services.

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Our services are all easily accessible and affordable. We incorporate cutting-edge research and knowledge so you can become leaders in the field.

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Businesses who establish themselves as trend-setters in protecting kids also protect themselves and their employees.  We can help you to be a heads-up organization who has thought through risks to minors and their employees & community well-being.



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